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About The Event

Global Teaching Excellence Awards 2023 is a token of appreciation towards illustrious minds for their impeccable contribution to the Education Sector. International Education Awards accredits Educators who have helped students to embrace their goals by equipping them with opportunities and resources to explore facets of knowledge.

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November 25 , 2023

The New Era of Ed-Orgs

Drawing thousands of the world's education leaders together to learn and grow together,

Global Teaching Excellence Awards is organized to identify, invite, concede and implement changes in the education sector’s individuals & organizations working appreciably to pioneer & revolutionize the Education system.

We have top executive & Educators here

Drawing thousands of the world's Education leaders together to learn and grow,

We visualize & create a platform to discuss & debate to make a framework and foundation that bolster students, educators, Schools & Parents. Our Framework advances from mission-driven education to vision-driven education by making personalized learning, professional development, innovative learning environment, and holistic support respectively.

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Time & Location

Virtually hosted from India

Conference Time : 11:00am -1:00pm
Awards Ceremony : 4:00pm – 6:00pm

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